Santiago de Tolú


This beautiful tourist port, is located in the Colombian Atlantic coast, more precisely in the central Gulf of Morrosquillo, just two meters above sea level.
It has a population of approximately 30,000 inhabitants and an average temperature of 28 ° C.

Despite its size has a wide range of services, including highlight: health centers, pharmacies, supermarkets, shops, restaurants, ice cream shops, convenience stores, nightclubs, liquor stores, banks (Bancolombia, Agrarian), ATM, etc.

The transport to village level more frequently, used by both visitors and locals, is the traditional, organic, colorful and picturesque "Bike-taxi".

Beaches of Tolu

Mi ranchito ... Airport Area
Monte Carlo ... Montecarlo Hotel Zone (between calles 8 and 9)
Hotel El Turista ...... Delfines harbor area (bet. calles 11 & 12)
Hotel Alcira ........ Alcira hotel area (Bet. calles 21 and 22)
Hotel PlayaMar ....... Playamar hotel area (bet. calles 22 and 23)

Nearby beaches

El francés, 15 minutes north of Tolu
Boca de la ciénaga, 10 min. Coveñas road
Segunda ensenada, about 20 min. in Coveñas


Información of Interest


  • Bancolombia, Calle 15, Nº 2-88. ATM
  • Banco Agrario, Calle 16, Nº 3-53. ATM


  • Farmacia, Calle 15, Nº 2-98
  • Farmacia, Carrera 1ª, Nº
  • Drogueria 1A, Carrera 3ª, Nº 16-


  • Hospital de Tolú, Calle 16, Nº


  • Esso, Calle 16, Nº
  • Save, Calle 16, Nº

    Bus station

  • Rapido Ochoa, Calle 16, Nº 2-36
  • Expreso Brasilia, Calle 16, Nº


  • Mercamaceo, Carrera 2ª, Nº 15-60
  • Popular, Carrera 2ª, Nº 16-40


  • Territorio, Carrera 2ª, Nº 14-
  • Barahora, Carrera 1ª, Nº


    Alcaldía de Santiago de Tolú


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